GPS application

Customer Profile :Varga Media Solution Inc.

Business Challenge:

The company needs to server multiple clients. Every marketing campaign might cover large geographic area. Distribution works of one campaign will be broken down to several distribution teams. There will be non deliverable area. The distribution map needs to be print out on a large paper. Needs to monitor the performance of distribution team which have GPS device equipped.

We built a map system integrated with Bing Map, which allow users to define campaigns, sub maps for campaign, distribution maps for sub map and non deliverable area for distribution map. The system will also check the data sent from the GPS device of distribution team, which could tell the distributor’s speed and route. Notification will be sent out if any rule violation is monitored.

Technology involved:

  • C#, .Net 3.5
  • JQuery
  • MySQL 5.0.20
  • Bing Map
  • Silverlight