Android Tablet PC Introduction:

Hardware Solution

Android Tablet PC developed by Ryzlink focused on the field of industry Customization:

  • Logistics, Finance, Education, Medical and other industries.
  • We are devoted to providing customers with comprehensive coordinated process service from the underlying hardware to the upper application.

Hardware rely on the existing platform.

  • We are able to quickly and easily increase or decrease product function and customize differentiated products for clients.
  • Ryzlink is capable of providing system design, schematic design, PCB layout design, the underlying software (BSP) development, production management, model debugging, production line testing and other services.

Software Development

    Relying on the foundation of our traditional software accumulation:

  • Ryzlink has been focused on Android Tablet PC-based industry application software development.
  • We have developed a small-scale application like ‘A la carte treasure’
  • We provide additional solutions as large platform applications like Telemedicine and mobile media publishing platform.