Research and Development Services

Research and Development Services

Ryzlink research and development services help our clients achieve their business goals by bringing new and enhanced products to market faster, adopting new technologies when appropriate, ensuring quality, and managing development costs more effectively. We leverage our world class quality and security standards and our engineering excellence to help clients stretch their research, develop budget, and enhance their product quality and global value.

What we do:

Product Development

Ryzlink application development and maintenance (ADM) methodologies are created based on industry best practices, and our engineers work with our clients to integrate our processes, through the full product lifecycle. Such integration ensures we achieve the most successful project delivery very time.

Ryzlink quality management has been built into the delivery processes. Our projects will receive the best care from professional QA engineers, and our clients have full visibility into the project progress and status through regular reports and communications.

How we do it:

  • Requirements scoping
  • Create proof of concept
  • Create prototype, according to technical requirements
  • Develop the application architecture
  • Test engineering
  • Rigorous QA procedures and other testing methods
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrade